Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fireplace Installations I Love: Update a Classic

I love this antique fireplace installation and how fresh it looks in the setting. This simple gray and white marble pompadour mantel, which could have been dull in the wrong setting, looks innovative and beautiful in this 1960's-esque bedroom. The lavender wall color, white bedding and carpet make this room and mantel look modern. I also love the black and white photograph above the mantel.


  1. My husband and just built a new house. It is French country style. The mantels were custom built but they do not have the antique look at all. Is it possible to redo the mantels with your antique mantels or is it too late? Do most of your mantels come from France?

  2. These are really spectacular-is it difficult to replace a current mantel? I wish my designer had known about these before we began construction.




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